Security and Data Protection with 4D v17 – Thomas from the 4D Summit 2018

Automatically translated from English

Security and Data Protection is an incredibly important topic and yet it’s often overlooked until something goes wrong! 

4D is secure, straight out of the box, thanks to the integration of the latest technologies and practices such as:

  • forcing TLS 1.2 as minimum version,
  • forcing PFS by design,
  • automatic HSTS mode,
  • and a command based on bCrypt algorithm to protect your customers’ web based applications against brute force attacks.

And that’s not all! With both a transaction journal (to log your whole business application into a journal) and a native VSS integration (that’s compatible with the industry standards), the level of data protection from loss is greatly strengthened.

Watch the Security and Data Protection video from the 4D Summit 2018 Keynote. It features Thomas Maul, VP of Product Strategy, explaining the security enhancements in detail and how  you can deliver a safe business solution without having to worry about its security.


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