New info available in MSC dialog

If you are using a huge database with a lot of data, you should be very familiar with the 4D MSC dialog. The Maintenance and Security Center contains all the tools needed for information, verification, analysis, maintenance, backup & compacting of data and structure files.

Based on recent feedback from some of our users, we have enhanced this dialog in three ways:

  • A link to the path of the log file has been added
  • New global information on the data is accessible
  • Information about tables are now available in both maintenance and standard modes

A link to the path of the log file

There is a new link for the log file path, as it is possible to do with the data and structure files. This link will make it easy to access your log files, and save precious time.

4D MSC info program window

New global information on the data is accessible

  • You have access to the size of Address Table per table. The Address Table is an internal table which links the records to their physical address on the disk. The Address Table is never automatically compacted even if the number of records decreases. You can now check the difference between the size of the Address Table and the number of records per table. If this difference is huge, compacting the Address Table is recommended. It may noticeably increase the execution speed of the application and will reduce the size of your data.
  • You now have the count of tables, and the total count of Records, Fields, Indexes, and Address Table Size for all tables.

4D MSC info tables window

Table information are now available in both modes

The global list of Tables, Fields, Records, Indexes and Address Table Sizes in your database is fully available in Maintenance mode now as well as Interpreted or Compiled mode.

You could be interested in getting this information for an integrity check before starting your database – in case you are updating some of your data at database startup, for example.

Please refer to the documentation if you have further questions:

Vanessa Talbot
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