Your first steps with Qodly Studio for 4D!

Wondering how to start using Qodly Studio for 4D? Ayoub Metwalli from Qodly Customer success team gave a great session a few days ago. Time for a replay!

In this video recording of Ayoub’s session “First steps with Qodly Studio for 4D”, you will find out how to start using Qodly Studio for 4D.

  • Prerequisites: how to activate Web Admin and Qodly Studio in your development environment
  • Basic UI components usage
  • How to create a datasource and map it to a UI component
  • Styling basics
  • How to setup a Matrix with a search feature

After watching this session, you’ll be ready to start using Qodly Studio and build webforms in no time!

Of course, topics covered in this video are described in Qodly Studio for 4D documentation and

Have a good session!



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