Hot Fixes for Feature Releases

If you are one of the customers keen to use a Feature Release but still hesitant because of the time it takes to get bug fixes, we are bringing good news, and the title may have already given a hint! 

Starting with 4D v19 R4, we will have monthly Hot Fixes for the current Feature Release.

Reminder about feature releases

Feature Releases — formerly R-releases, were a critical change in our development strategy leading to a significant increase in product quality. Much of this success is due to the shift from large releases in large steps to small releases in small steps, but another key part is the change in the bug fix process.

Every bug fix is a code change, and every code change could lead to unexpected side effects, requiring extensive testing. Last-minute bug fixes can lead to new, undetected bugs with insufficient testing time.

We are more cautious when submitting bug fixe patches to the Feature Release under development to address this issue, giving QA more time for testing. Yet, the number #1 request from customers who are not yet using Feature Releases is the time it takes to get bug fixes in a Feature Release.

Your need answered

Starting with 4D v19 R4, we fulfill your request with monthly Hot Fixes for the current Feature Release. So, for instance, besides having 4D v19 R5 in beta testing (with daily and nightly builds until the version is ready for deployment), we will have a monthly Hot Fix for R4, focusing on blocking deployment bugs and only deployment bugs.

Note: we will not commit bug-fix code for design mode/code editor for the reasons described above; we concentrate strictly on deployment issues.

it’s time to consider Feature Releases

If you are not using Feature Releases yet, it is time to consider it again. Feature Releases allow you to be at the forefront of 4D technology by accessing the beta forum. You get your hands on the state-of-the-art technology and new functionalities in development. Still, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to discuss them directly with our engineering and product teams.  

Thomas Maul
• VP of Strategy, 4D Product Line •When 4D's German subsidiary was created in 1988, Thomas joined the company as a Technical Director, helping to build the 4D developer community in both Germany and Austria. After many years supporting customers with technical problems and being increasingly involved in sales and management issues, he was promoted to Managing Director for 4D Germany in 1999.As a member of the executive board since 2005, he became part of worldwide strategy of the company, leading to his current position as Vice President of Strategy, 4D Product Line, responsible for defining and executing the overall strategy for the 4D product line in relation to the Program, R&D, Sales and Marketing teams.