Author: Fabrice Mainguené

Fabrice Mainguené
• Product Owner •Fabrice Mainguené joined 4D Program team in November, 2016. As a Product Owner, he is in charge of writing the user stories then translating it to functional specifications. His role is also to make sure that the feature implementation delivered is meeting the customer need.After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at CNAM, Fabrice joined a small software publishing company as a Windev developer. Then he worked for different companies in industry and trade areas as a Windev and web developer as well as technical advisor on new features.
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4D View Pro : sheet management

Sometimes, you need to display different tables of information in one document. For better visibility, it’s often necessary to display them in different sheets. In this case, you need to create, rename, hide or remove a sheet, or simply know which sheet the user is currently on.

With 4D v19 R2, you can manage the sheets in your 4D View Pro documents by programming.

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Create a BLOB attribute in an object

With the introduction of classes in the 4D environment, the need to store your data in objects, and especially blobs, has increased. That’s why 4D v19 R2 lets you encapsulate blobs in objects.

Beyond the storage aspect, since the blob object is a reference type, your performance in terms of memory occupation and speed will be greatly improved.

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4D View Pro .CSV: New import/export format

Delimited files such as “.csv” or “.txt” are commonly used formats for importing or exporting data. Because delimited files can be generated and manipulated easily, more and more data published on the Web is tabular data, usually published as comma-separated values.

A good way to format this data and show it to your customers is to use 4D View Pro.

In 4D v19 R2, using the VP Import document and VP Export document commands that support delimited text file formats such as CSV, you can easily display that data for your clients.

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Create, delete, and rename mailboxes with IMAP

The Mail feature, a huge feature set. The first part was released with 4D v17 R4, and since then we have delivered more and more functionalities.

4D v19 is no exception, as it brings new functions to help you manage your mailboxes by programming. That includes creating, renaming, and deleting mailboxes. A mailbox is displayed as a folder in email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

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4D View Pro: End of document loading

When you use 4D View Pro (especially in offscreen mode) with complex documents, calculating all formulas could take a while and it can be difficult to know when it’s finally finished (and it’s important to wait before you call commands such as export or print).

As a solution, we’ve introduced two new events. One of which is called for every single calculation/formula, which could be used to trigger a timer. If the time expires without another formula being finished, we can assume that the whole document is finished.

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Manage IMAP flags

To allow your solution to smoothly integrate with other email clients, you often need to add information such as “already seen” or “urgent”. The IMAP protocol allows you to associate a list of flags with a message to manage this additional information. 4D v18 R6 includes a set of functions for the IMAP Transporter object to add or remove IMAP flags.