Author: Cannon Smith

Cannon Smith
Cannon has spent the last several years developing a commercial cattle feedlot application and is currently getting a similar application for the ranching industry going. Living in rural southern Alberta, Canada, where he grew up, Cannon has been a 4D developer since version 6.5 and remains an active member of the 4D community. You can find other tools for the community on his website .
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An ORDA Cheat Sheet

Blog post by guest author Cannon Smith, a 4D developer from southern Alberta, Canada: 

The introduction of collections and entities has dramatically changed the landscape in 4D, giving developers new ways to map business rules to code. Just recently I refactored several thousand lines of code that were central to the business rules of our application, resulting in a significant speed improvement (5xs faster) which our users are very happy about. This refactoring was largely about moving from old code constructs to objects, collections, and ORDA.