How to browse GitHub to find all 4D projects

With the introduction of projects in 4D, the source code of components, demo applications, and other tools in 4D are hosted on GitHub.

4D has three GitHub organizations.


You can find these links to the various GitHub repositories from the 4D websites; for example, from the 4D blog to illustrate new features, from the Resources page of the 4D website for demo examples, or from the gallery for Mobile.

But, you can also from GitHub, search, bookmark, and so on… This blog post will introduce some basic features to improve your usage and navigation on GitHub.

How to find a project

With topics

Topics allow you to categorize your repositories. This way, people can identify the topics and purpose of your code. 

For example, all 4D View Pro HDIs have the 4d-view-pro topic, so you can easily find all repositories on 4D View Pro. 

Here is a list of topics that may interest you:


With lists

Two lists are at your disposal to help you find the repositories you are interested in on 4D Depot.


Don’t panic; no need to remember the previous links; these lists are in the 4D Depot repository, which is attached to the home page.


How to get a project

To get the source code of a project, you have two possibilities:

  • You can clone the repository using git commands. Read this blog post to see how.
  • You can download a zip file, as shown in the screenshot below.



How to add a bookmark to a project

Adding a star to a repository allows you to say you like it and recommend it to other users. It also enables you to add it to your favorites.


How to receive notifications about a project

By clicking on the “watch/unwatch” button of a repository, you can receive notifications.

For example, to be informed of a pull request, an issue, release…


How to follow the 4D GitHub accounts

Following people or organizations on Github has several advantages.


  • The first advantage is to receive notifications about their activities, like adding a new repository. 
  • The second advantage is to quickly find the list of people or organizations you are interested in from your account. There is no need to remember the person’s name or organization to find the url in your bookmarks.



Wrap up

To stay at the front of 4D projects, don’t hesitate to follow these accounts:


If you have other questions, you can check the GitHub documentation.

Vanessa Talbot
• Product Owner •Vanessa Talbot joined 4D Program team in June, 2014. As a Product Owner, she is in charge of writing the user stories then translating it to functional specifications. Her role is also to make sure that the feature implementation delivered is meeting the customer need.Since her arrival, she has worked to define key features in 4D. She has worked on most of preemptive multi-threading new features and also on a very complex subject: the new architecture for engined application. Vanessa has a degree from Telecom Saint-Etienne. She began her career at the Criminal Research Institute as a developer for the audiovisual department. She has also worked in media and medical fields as expert in technical support, production as well as documenting new features.