Build a web-based monitoring dialog, step by step

Want to recreate the 4D Server Administration Window with a web interface? Want to conveniently check what’s happening in the 4D Server without needing to go to the server room, to use a remote desktop, or to consume a 4D Client license? It’s now possible to view all of 4D Server’s main parameters(e.g., memory usage, drive space, users, processes, and even the real-time monitor) via the web.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a set of commands that 4D delivered over various R-releases to build your own web-based server administration dialog. Additionally, the regional technical manager of 4D Hispano (Angelo Caroprese) has provided a complete component to be used right in your applications.


Custom administration dialog


Admin dialog on the browser




Admin dialog on a mobile phone


Admin dialogs like these are possible thanks to existing commands from 4D v16 and prior:

  • Structure file
  • Data file, Log file
  • Application version
  • Get 4D file

But there’s also other commands that return a lot of useful administration information:

  • Get license info: Returns an object providing detailed information about the active license.
  • Get process activity: Returns a snapshot of connected user sessions and/or related running processes at a given time.
  • Get system info: Returns an object containing information about the operating system, as well as the characteristics of the system hardware and software on a machine(local or remote).
  • WEB Get server info: Returns an object containing detailed runtime information about the current session on the 4D Web Server.

And finally, in this blog post, we introduced commands available in 4D v17 R4 to give you the ability to create your own administration interfaces. 

Download the component above, customize it according to your needs, and enjoy a tailor-made experience!

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