64-bit product line FINAL on Windows

64-bit is the way where everybody needs to go. 64-bit allows you to take advantage of the power of the 64-bit machines and of the latest native system features for your business application.

With 4D v16 R2, 4D has reached a major milestone as 4D Developer Edition and the 4D Volume Desktop Windows 64-bit are now released as “Final” and are thus ready for production.

Start early, use it now and share your feedback through in the beta version forum from 4D Forums!

Removal of Altura legacy library

Similar to Carbon for macOS, 4D used a legacy library named Altura on Windows. Many years ago, Altura was very important for migrating 4D and 3rd party plug-in code from Mac to Windows. While 4D itself does not need Altura anymore, it still supports it for legacy plug-ins and, as a result, uses it in many places to keep old plug-ins working.We have now removed it completely which is allowing us to use some modern technologies that were not possible before, such as SDI windows.

Modern dialogs

4D Developer Edition 64-bit embeds the new and modern Label editor, Quick report and Import-Export dialogs, intuitive and easy to use!

Multiple instance support

It is possible to run multiple instances, or copies, of the same 4D Developer Edition 64-bit on their PC without having to install the application twice.

The first method is to right-click on the application icon in the taskbar, and then left-click on the application name in the pop-up menu that appears. This will open a second instance of 4D Developer Edition as if it were being launched for the first time.


A quicker way to achieve this same result is to simply hold the Shift key on your keyboard while left-clicking an open application’s icon in the taskbar. You will see a second copy of 4D Developer Edition appear on your desktop.



Integrated Web rendering engine

If you are using web areas with the “Use embedded Web rendering engine” option checked, please note that we have moved to Blink (from Google) for the 64-bit product line that is still in Preview for 4D v16 R2. This provides you with the most up-to-date and well-maintained rendering engine, to support the state of the art in HTML and JavaScript technology.

Additional information can be found in the documentation in 4D Doc Center.

Caroline Briaud
• 4D Product Team Leader •Caroline joined 4D SAS in July, 2013 as an Engineering Manager responsible for new features definition. Caroline helped the Engineering team to put in place the R-release concept, with the new development process definition and its application within 4D’s engineering teams.Caroline is now leading the 4D Product team, mainly made up of Product Owners which are representing the customers within Engineering.Caroline started her career as a software developer in the mobile phone industry. She specialized in program management with an American company in an international context spread across US, India and China.