4D Write Pro: Pagination & Printing

With 4D v15 R5, 4D Write Pro is moving forward!
A new page view mode is available and two new commands are available in order to print a document.

New page view mode

A new page view mode is available: Page mode. The document is now rendered as it will be printed with multiple pages if needed. New attributes are available for the page setup: page size, page orientation and page margin.

Another feature is related to the paragraph layout management: “widows and orphans” and “avoid page break”. The user can now define how its paragraphs will be split between two pages allowing or not page break inside a paragraph.

New commands

Two new commands are available in order to print a document : WP PRINT and WP PAGE SETUP.

WP PRINT command launches a print job for the document passed as parameter. WP PAGE SETUP allows you to set the document size and document orientation stored in the document as current print settings for the next print jobs.

Moreover a new selector has been created for SET PRINT OPTION: Page range option. You are now able to define which pages or page range you want to print.


Please take a look at this screencast showing the page manipulation:


The following example database (HDI) shows how the new 4D Write Pro printing commands work:

Example Database

For more details, please refer to the 4D v15 R5 upgrade manual in Doc Center.

Roland Lannuzel
• Product Owner & 4D Expert •After studying electronics, Roland went into industrial IT as a developer and consultant, building solutions for customers with a variety of databases and technologies. In the late 80’s he fell in love with 4D and has used it in writing business applications that include accounting, billing and email systems.Eventually joining the company in 1997, Roland’s valuable contributions include designing specifications, testing tools, demos as well as training and speaking to the 4D community at many conferences. He continues to actively shape the future of 4D by defining new features and database development tools.