4D v20 LTS is Here

4D v20 LTS, the most feature-rich version of 4D to date, has been released!

Over the past few years, we’ve taken 4D forward at an unprecedented pace. We introduced cutting-edge concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and classes, refined the 4D language to match the familiarity and intuitiveness of popular languages such as JavaScript & TypeScript, and introduced ORDA, an innovative way to access data, among other advancements.

Download 4D v20 LTS Now 

Now, with 4D v20, witness the integration of Visual Studio Code editor, harness the exceptional capabilities of 4D Write Pro for template-based document generation, and empower yourself with features to build modern applications’ UIs.

And that’s not all! Check out the highlights below:

  • Develop real-time web applications capable of managing large data volumes and delivering a seamless user experience using the new built-in WebSocket Server.
  • Work with complex data structures with object and collection literals, enabling a more concise and readable approach for initializing objects and collections within your code.
  • Enhance productivity with improved Find and Replace functionality, enabling fast and efficient code searching and replacement.
  • Customize your application’s “Help” menu by passing a collection that describes the menu items.
  • Save time and quickly analyze and organize your data with 4D Write Pro’s tables, which automatically fill your data in tables with page breaks, headers, and even break rows.
  • Use 4D Write Pro text boxes (floating containers) to print complex product flyers or brochures.
  • Benefit from native support for Microsoft 365 using the Microsoft Graph API, enabling sending, receiving, organizing emails, and handling user authentication with Single Sign On (OAuth2)

These are just a few features you can expect to see in 4D v20.

Download 4D v20 now and explore the boundless possibilities unlocked by this feature-packed release.

• Product Marketing Manager • Intissar joined 4D in 2017 as a Product Marketing Manager. She works closely with the product, marketing, engineering, and technical support teams to highlight the ‘why’, the ‘how’, and the ‘what’ of new and updated features to different audiences. This close proximity allows her to craft messaging frameworks and write in-depth content and code samples for the 4D blog and website. After graduating with an engineer's degree in Computer Science from VINCI university, Intissar worked in several startups as a software engineer. Her hands-on experience includes software specification, design, and development, user training and support, and team management.