4D v19 R8 Beta Starts Today

And here comes the last feature release of 4D v19!

What could be a better way to kick off the year than getting your hands on a potent set of features this release has to offer 😊

Let’s discover what 4D v19 R8 Beta has in store for you:




  • Protect your data from unauthorized users with a robust and fully customizable system by deciding who is accessing the data and which data is accessed.
  • Design gorgeous interfaces with the automatic row height feature that is expanded to list boxes based on collections and entity selections.
  • Build your own chain or integrate 4D into a continuous integration tool thanks to the new Build4D component.
  • Handle errors more effectively with a global error handler — no more error dialog displayed on the server and no more uncaught errors.
  • Receive, copy, move, reply and delete emails with the added commands to the 4D Netkit component.
  • Create more compliant documents with 4D Write Pro floating text boxes.
  • Customize your 4D View Pro tables with over 60 predefined themes, or create one from scratch to suit your needs.
  • And much more awaits you with a feature release that goes all out!

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Control access to your data

You asked for a feature to handle many users working on different businesses and to tailor access to your data with multiple levels of granularity. 4D v19 R8 is granting your wish.

A powerful and fully customizable system is at your disposal to protect your data from unauthorized users.

A system to protect your data depends on who is accessing it and which data is accessed:



Microsoft 365

Manage emails with the Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API is a RESTful web API that enables you to access Microsoft Cloud service resources.

In an earlier release, we created the 4D Netkit component to manage the OAuth 2.0 connection and the mail sending through the Graph API.

4D v19 R8 added new commands to this component to receive emails and list your mailbox folders, as well as:

  • move an email from one folder to another,
  • reply to an email and create a conversation,
  • create a draft email and save it in the folder of your choice,
  • and delete an email.




Automatic row heights were already possible for array-based list boxes, allowing them to automatically adapt the height of each row to its content.

4D v19 R8 is bringing this possibility to list boxes based on collections and entity selections.

You only need to set a few properties in the list box, and 4D does the rest for you:






Build your Compiled Structure or Component with Build4D

Project mode has opened the door to many features that we love as much as you do.

4D v19 R8 adds an exciting feature to help you create your own build chain or integrate 4D into a continuous integration tool.

We have developed a component named Build4D, available on GitHub with the sources.

As a first step, Build4D allows you to create a compiled structure and a component. We will continue to enrich it to enable you to manage a single-user, client, or server application.

Here is the result of an example of creating a compiled structure with integrated resources and documentation folders:

Finder dialog to show the structure file


 4D Write Pro 

Compliance is on point with text Boxes.

If you are required to use text boxes, let’s say, to create company letters in compliance with the company identity, then 4D v19 R8 is bringing exactly what you need to 4D Write Pro.

A text box is a floating text area of any size containing text, images, or tables!

And as usual, several solutions are possible to use this new feature; the easiest is to use the interface.

New buttons are available for this in the toolbar and the sidebar.




 4D View Pro 

Customize your Tables Style

4D v19 R8 adds a new feature to 4D View Pro tables: with over 60 predefined themes, your tables will fit perfectly with the rest of your document. If not of the styles suits your needs, you can define your own theme and apply it to your table.




Handle Errors effectively

Error management is an integral part of development. If you miss calling an error-handling method in a new process/worker or use components that don’t handle errors, the built-in 4D error dialog appears to the final user.

From 4D v19 R8 on, you can define a global error handler that will be efficient for all execution contexts (processes, workers, ORDA computed attributes, ORDA functions, etc.). If you miss defining a local error handler in a new process/worker, the global error handler will be invoked automatically. This means no more error dialog displayed on the server and no more uncaught errors (e.g., ORDA errors).


 SDI Windows

Test Windows SDI Application

It’s been a long time since you could provide your customers with merged applications in SDI mode. That was a huge step forward for Windows applications UX.

4D v19 R8 is bringing another novelty; testing an SDI application is made easy: you can view the result of your application without the need to build your standalone or client application.



 4D for Mobile

Upgrade your app UI with 4D for Android sections

What about a trick to enhance readability and help users find the desired data quickly and easily?

Simply group the results by adding sections (e.g., Contacts app).

This image shows a Contact application. The contacts are group by Section on the first letter of last name.


Make use of the 4D for Android novelties.

With every release, the list of 4D for Android features is growing bigger. And this feature release is no exception:

    • Create a choice list from a table field or a JSON file.
    • Use input control with code to retrieve, for example, GPS coordinates or phone numbers in the Contact application.
    • Add a section in list form to group data by the company, for example.
    • Use a custom login form.
    • Improve the bottom navigation bar to display more than four tables and follow the Android guideline.



4D Extension for VSCode

4D Analyzer: Code completion

4D brought external source code editors support (e.g., Visual Studio Code), allowing them to handle 4D code and provide them with standard functionalities such as syntax highlighting, Go To Definition and Signature Help.

4Dv19 R8 brings a new capability: Code completion.



Need more technical details? Look at the 4D v19 R8 Beta documentation on the 4D Doc Center.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our product quality and better serve your needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the features above. Contribute to our beta forum (accessible for all 4D Partners). And don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs; we take votes very seriously

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