4D v17 is here

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We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that the wait is over and 4D v17 is now available!

This groundbreaking release can open lots of options for your next 4D-based application. Though by no means exhaustive, here is a list of features to whet your appetite for this release:

  • ORDA: an innovative concept is born, and with it, your whole database can be used as an object
  • 4D Write Pro: more feature-rich than ever, allowing you to crank up your creativity and build complex documents.
  • 4D language: less code and more productivity, so you can deliver your next application in record time.
  • User experience: more ready-to-use tools to take your applications to the next level.
  • Security: multiple enhancements and features to help you increase your application security.

All of this, and more awaits you!

Download 4D v17 and discover the powerful features we’re shipping with this major release!

Download 4D v17

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