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Objects Corner: easy sharing & other good news

How many times have you gotten the “Not supported value type in a shared object” error when trying to put an object into a shared object?

What did you do? Write longer code to turn your innocent object into a shared one, perhaps iterating over all of its properties?

How about transferring a shared object from one shared group to another?


An interesting thing about objects: you already know they can be used as a hash map (a key/value system), but what about gettings all the keys or all the values with a single line of code?

Keep reading, because 4D v18 R3 is out and brings good news!

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Sharing information in multi-threading environment

4D v16 R6 introduces a new concept of communication between processes: shared object and shared collection variables! They are a solution so you can avoid using interprocess variables (which can’t be used in multi-thread mode). Thanks to this, you will be able to easily share information between preemptive processes.