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4D View Pro : sheet management

Sometimes, you need to display different tables of information in one document. For better visibility, it’s often necessary to display them in different sheets. In this case, you need to create, rename, hide or remove a sheet, or simply know which sheet the user is currently on.

With 4D v19 R2, you can manage the sheets in your 4D View Pro documents by programming.

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4D View Pro .CSV: New import/export format

Delimited files such as “.csv” or “.txt” are commonly used formats for importing or exporting data. Because delimited files can be generated and manipulated easily, more and more data published on the Web is tabular data, usually published as comma-separated values.

A good way to format this data and show it to your customers is to use 4D View Pro.

In 4D v19 R2, using the VP Import document and VP Export document commands that support delimited text file formats such as CSV, you can easily display that data for your clients.