4D View Pro: Enable, Disable, or Force calculations

4D View Pro automatically recalculates the formulas in your worksheet when you change data they depend on (e.g., entries, formulas, names, etc.).

But what if you want to make your UI more interactive and trigger the calculation of formulas whenever you want? 4D v18 R4 makes it possible thanks to three new commands: VP SUSPEND COMPUTING, VP RESUME COMPUTING, and VP RECOMPUTE FORMULAS. These commands let you suspend and resume the calculation of all formulas in your document, or force their recalculation.

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4D View Pro: Merge and unmerge cells

Often when you create a table, you might need to combine two or more cells to create a centered title on a particular section of your table. As of 4D v18 R4, a new set of commands is at your disposal to help you merge and unmerge a group of cells by programming. Let’s take a look at some examples.