Remote datastores – A practical use case

One of the most interesting features delivered with 4D v18 was remote datastores. They opened a whole world of possibilities and in this blog post we’ll show you a practical use case: 

A healthcare application provides permanent access to local data containing only the patients’ last tests. All of the history data is hosted on a REST server.

Because not all of the employees are allowed to access historical data, there is an authentication system. Of course, the two data sources are managed with the same client code. Whether the remote database is exposed or not on the REST server, the local data is always accessible.

Are you intrigued? If yes, feel free to download the HDI’s:

TIP: Remote datastore – Client part        TIP: Remote datastore – Server part


And watch the video to learn more!


• Product Owner • Marie-Sophie Landrieu-Yvert has joined the 4D Product team as a Product Owner in 2017. As a Product Owner, she is in charge of writing the user stories then translating it to functional specifications. Her role is also to make sure that the feature implementation delivered is meeting the customer need.Marie-Sophie graduated from the ESIGELEC Engineering School and began her career as an engineer at IBM in 1995. She participated on various projects (maintenance or build projects) and worked as a Cobol developer. Then she worked as an UML designer and Java developer. Lately her main roles were analyzing and writing functional requirements, coordinate business and development teams.