From 4D View to 4D View Pro

We have identified a large set of usages of 4D View in customer applications. One of them is an enhanced user interface using advanced lists, such as a property window for instance. Others are using 4D View to have detailed control of list display, requiring a large set of fine details not available in list boxes.

We also saw usage of 4D View as a reporting engine as well as a spreadsheet. As a result, 4D View Pro could not be a single solution or tool to handle all this cases.

4D View current usages


What about 4D View Pro?

With 4D v15 we already shipped a first feature related to the advanced list usage: independent control types per cell – or using Object Array in columns.

With upcoming R-releases we will see more 4D View Pro additional features coming.

There is no new specific license for 4D View Pro, it is reusing the existing 4D View license. As a consequence, you need a 4D View license to use any 4D View Pro feature.


Caroline Briaud
• 4D Product Team Leader •Caroline joined 4D SAS in July, 2013 as an Engineering Manager responsible for new features definition. Caroline helped the Engineering team to put in place the R-release concept, with the new development process definition and its application within 4D’s engineering teams.Caroline is now leading the 4D Product team, mainly made up of Product Owners which are representing the customers within Engineering.Caroline started her career as a software developer in the mobile phone industry. She specialized in program management with an American company in an international context spread across US, India and China.