4D Write Pro User Interface

With 4D v15 R4, it is now possible to design your own 4D Write Pro interface with dedicated commands. There are a lot of new commands for manipulating attributes for selections, paragraphs, images inside a document, or the document itself.

The commands: WP Get selection, WP Get range, WP SELECT, WP Get paragraphs, WP Get pictures will allow you to create and manipulate an object referencing a part of a 4D Write Pro document. And the commands WP SET ATTRIBUTES, WP GET ATTRIBUTES and WP RESET ATTRIBUTES are available for handling all styles and properties (such as margins, padding, font, color, font color, border type, border color, background, bullet list, tab, etc… ) on different document element types (paragraph, document, image, text).

Actually, the list of attributes is much longer, you now have a deep and fine control of the display of the document. Take a look at the complete attribute list on Doc center: 4D Write Pro attributes.

The commands have been designed in a flexible way in order to suit your application constraints. For example, the color can be set using a CSS color, a 4D color (longint) or color array (RGB). Each dimension can be set in a specified unit according your customer region (point, pixel, metric system…).

The FONT STYLE LIST new command allows you to retrieve all the supported font styles on your machine for a defined font name. It is particularly useful for modern and more accurate font management.


4D Write Pro Interface

The 4D Write Pro widget

4D Write Pro Interface

4D Engineering has designed for you using these commands a pre-designed default interface for 4D Write Pro available inside the 4D product.

Just drag and drop the widget from the object library to the form editor and it’s ready to use!

Download the example database to find a demo of how these commands work. You will also find another -very simple– interface available for your application.

Example Database

4D Write Pro Interface

For more details, please refer to 4D v15 R4 upgrade manual in doc center.

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