4D View Pro: New in 4D v19 R7

With every release, the 4D View Pro features list is growing. And this feature release is no exception:4D v19 R7 comes with a new version of SpreadJS, the v15.2, and a Ribbon update that is compatible with it.

Let’s discover the new features offered by this new version.

Pivot Table Enhancements

Timeline Slicer Support

PivotTables now support time slices, allowing users to slice and dice data by specific dates. In addition to filtering a pivot table by dates, you can use the time slice to dynamically filter by date and/or time with robust slider control. You can find an example here.

Show Items with no Data

By default, PivotTables will display only items containing data, which is especially noticeable when rows or columns are not visible when filtered. With this new “Show items with no data” option, you can enable the PivotTable to show these blank values even though they don’t have any data.

Pivot Table Enable Data Value Editing

By default, cells within PivotTables can’t be edited, only Pivot ranges, just like Excel. With this release, end-users can now edit PivotTable cell values and then update and reload the data source of a PivotTable to reflect the changes. For the developer, this is enabled with a property called a pivot.EnableDataValueEditing.

Calculation Enhancement

“.” Object Operator Support

The calculation engine now supports using “.” as an operator to retrieve the properties of an object. For example, if cell A1 contains an object with the property “productName,” you could use this operator to refer to it:

Cross-Workbook Formula Source and Target

Cross-Workbook formula support was added in the first service pack release. With this release, we have added more information about the source and target references in the form of the new includeItemDetail parameter of the getExternalReferences function, which allows a developer to get the specific target row, column, and source ranges of a particular file to know precisely what cells that specific references are coming from.

New Excel Functions

Some new Excel functions are added:

Text Manipulation Functions

The three new text manipulation functions include:

    • TEXTBEFORE – Returns text that’s before the delimiting characters
    • TEXTAFTER – Returns text that’s after the delimiting characters
    • TEXTSPLIT – Splits text into rows or columns using the delimiters

Array Manipulation Functions

The eleven new array manipulation functions include:

  • VSTACK – Stacks arrays vertically
  • HSTACK – Stacks arrays horizontally
  • TOROW – Returns the array as one row
  • TOCOL – Returns the array as one column
  • WRAPROWS – Wraps a row array into a 2D array
  • WRAPCOLS – Wraps a column array into a 2D array
  • TAKE – Returns rows or columns from array start or end
  • DROP – Drops rows or columns from array start or end
  • CHOOSEROWS – Returns the specified rows from an array
  • CHOSECOLS – Returns the selected columns from an array
  • EXPAND – Expands an array to the specified dimensions

Need more information? Take a look at these SpreadjsJS v15.1 and SpreadJS v15.2 blog posts for more details.

And share with us your experience on the 4D forum.

Fabrice Mainguené
• Product Owner •Fabrice Mainguené joined 4D Program team in November, 2016. As a Product Owner, he is in charge of writing the user stories then translating it to functional specifications. His role is also to make sure that the feature implementation delivered is meeting the customer need.After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at CNAM, Fabrice joined a small software publishing company as a Windev developer. Then he worked for different companies in industry and trade areas as a Windev and web developer as well as technical advisor on new features.