4D V16 R5 IS HERE!

4D v16 R5 is now available!

Enhanced security4D language improvements, more commands to handle your 4D Write Pro documents, and an automatic mode for 4D View Pro advanced lists, are the highlights of 4D v16 R5.

Download 4D v16 R5 and discover all the advances in this R-release!

Download 4D v16 R5

Worry less and secure more!

This R-release emphasizes security and data protection. We’re bringing new features that strengthen and enhance 4D server security, as well as ensuring data integrity with SHA-2 support. And, your web based applications are better protected with new commands to hash and verify passwords!


 4D Write Pro is moving forward!

You can now programmatically use 4D Write Pro templates with headers and footers to dynamically create other documents.

Because words are not the only thing that matter, you can create visually compelling documents with full-size background pictures and take advantage of 4D expressions to return pictures!


The 4D language just got better!

This R-release has a lot to offer you and all 4D developers: a new set of preemptive process commands, easy communication with forms, and better handling of undefined values for Object Notation, just to name a few!


An automatic mode is now available with 4D View Pro to get advanced lists with variable row height.

Let your creativity flow and design beautiful interfaces in record time … without a single line of code!

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