Tips & Tricks for your 4D Apps – June 2023 Edition

by Add Komoncharoensiri, Director of Technical Services at 4D Inc


Here we go with another set of tips and tricks.

The 4D Knowledge Base is a library of information about 4D technology where weekly tech tips and monthly tech notes are actively published. If you missed the last tips on the KB, that’s fine; here is a compilation from the past few weeks.

This blog post covers 20 tips:

  1. Support of Themes in Tables – 4D View Pro
  2. Utility method to find the Nth instance of a string in a document
  3. The Entity selection class .minus() function now supports a keepOrder parameter
  4. Structure file must be accessible to use MSC
  5.  Finding the Version of Chromium used in the Web Area
  6. Turn off tokens for easier reading in Visual Studio Code
  7. Entity Selection class .add () function now supports an entitySelection parameter
  8. Disabling the “Unique” Field Attribute Does Not Require an Index Rebuild
  9. How to send a file to 4D from the web using FormData object
  10. Class functions must be prefixed with ‘exposed’ when being called via POST request
  11. Function result type conflict Compiler Error
  12. Fetching related fields in the Quick Report component
  13. System Requirements for v19.x LTS and v19Rx Feature Releases
  14. Developing in client-server project mode only compatible in 19 R6 or newer 
  15. “Error doing log file backup” error code 1408
  16. Ensure that form elements are styled by style sheet (project mode only) 
  17.  File and folder .copyTo() overwrite error
  18. Field type attribute values in catalog.4DCatalog
  19. Automatically Generate Columns with VP Set Data Context
  20. Different ways to skip On Startup without accessing code New 
Add Komoncharoensiri
Add Komoncharoensiri has been a key member of the technical support team since 2000. Komoncharoensiri began his career with the company as a Technical Support Engineer and then worked his way up to 4D Evangelist in 2003, followed by Internal Application Manager in 2006 and then to Director of Technical Services in 2007.Add received a BS degree in Computer Sciences from San Jose State University in 2000. He is passionate about user experience (UX) and user interface programming. He helped develop and manage the 4D Knowledgebase and 4D Partner Central websites.