Easter egg hunt on 4D Blog: and the winner is…

The whole 4D Blog team would like to thank all of you, for your great participation to our Easter Egg Hunt 2017! We used the opportunity of a fun event to advertise about our blog, and it has been very successful, so thank you!

This is where the question on everyone’s lips arrives… Who are the winners?

Laurent Ribardière, President, Founder & CTO of 4D, accepted to help us and draw lots to determine the Easter egg hunt winners:

The winner for the exclusive private on-line appointment with 4D Bloggers is:

Christopher H. from NSBA (UNITED STATES)

The winners that will receive the exclusive 4D goodies are (by alphabetical order):

Armin D. from Node Systemlösungen e.K. (GERMANY)

Axel K. from Büroservice Kohlepp (GERMANY)

David C. from GTID (FRANCE)

Davide A. from Viappiani printing srl (ITALY)

Edgar H. from Art Institute of Chicago (UNITED STATES)

Elisabeth C.H. from CLCM Développement (FRANCE)

Jason H. from Empathia, Inc. (UNITED STATES)

J. Douglas C. from Telekinetix Limited (UNITED KINGDOM)

Lori P. from Massachusetts Department of Transportation (UNITED STATES)

Keiji H. from Fes International Inc. (JAPAN)

Marc D. from Laboratoires DUBERNET (FRANCE)

Mehdi S. from Telekinetix Ltd (UNITED KINGDOM)

Mike I. from Synergist Express Ltd (UNITED KINGDOM)

Nicolas P. from TOPICS (FRANCE)

Patrick E. from QualiSoft (FRANCE)

Rainer E. from Rainer Eisel (GERMANY)

Rodolphe N. from Confiserie Fouque (FRANCE)

Thierry G. from WITH (FRANCE)

Tilman H. from Extragroup GmbH (GERMANY)

Ulf R. from Extragroup GmbH (GERMANY)

The winners will receive their 4D goodies very soon… it is on the way!


Caroline Briaud
• 4D Product Team Leader •Caroline joined 4D SAS in July, 2013 as an Engineering Manager responsible for new features definition. Caroline helped the Engineering team to put in place the R-release concept, with the new development process definition and its application within 4D’s engineering teams.Caroline is now leading the 4D Product team, mainly made up of Product Owners which are representing the customers within Engineering.Caroline started her career as a software developer in the mobile phone industry. She specialized in program management with an American company in an international context spread across US, India and China.