4D v16 R4 Beta starts today!

I am pleased to announce that the beta testing of 4D v16 R4 starts today! 4D v16 R4 is one of the feature-richest R-release ever delivered! There is so much to tell, I don’t know what to start with…

4D v16 R4 beta introduces 4 major product features, among others:


  • A major 4D language enhancement with the object notation, making the developer’s life easier!
  • Real tables in 4D Write Pro, answering the most-asked feature request for the old 4D Write.
  • The Single Document Interface (SDI) mode making your Windows 64-bit application entering a new world where application windows are all independent!
  • The first step of the 4D View Pro spreadsheet as a Preview, lifting the veil on a powerful spreadsheet solution for your 64-bit applications.


4D Language

Object Notation in 4D language

It is now possible to write $myObject.property or [CONTACT]Person.age in a method and use it in an object data source in the form editor! Great to develop faster and make your code so clear!

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New types in 4D language: Collections and Null

Unlike arrays, which contain a unique type of elements, collections can be used to hold almost any kind of variable types like texts, numerics, booleans, objects, that can be mixed inside the same collection. And a collection can even contain other collections. Moreover, 4D v16 R4 introduces a new Null type to ease the management of objects and collections.

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Objects now support pictures

Objects have been enhanced so that pictures can be stored in object attributes. Your contact information stored in an object can now also include the contact picture.

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Validate JSON Object

JSON Validate allows you to validate a JSON object, for instance JSON data received on the web, against a given JSON schema, similarly to the DTD validation concept for XML.

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4D Write Pro

A major step for 4D Write Pro: tables!

You dreamed about it, it is now reality! 4D Write Pro now supports tables. Tables where the text will automatically wrap to fit into the column size you defined, tables that will not “break” when your data changes.

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Hyperlinks on Pictures

Add a link to your company logo or company name is now as easy as styling some text to bold.

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Design your own toolbar with Standard Actions

Easily create your custom 4D Write Pro toolbar, without writing any line of code! Take advantage of the Standard actions mechanism, simple but very powerful, that has been extended again with 4D v16 R4. Standard actions can now also be assigned to checkboxes and pop-up menus.

Use Standard Actions to Build your Own Toolbar >


SDI on Windows 64-bit

Altura-free 4D Windows 64-bit product line

4D Server Windows 64-bit was the last step to complete to have our complete Windows 64-bit product line no longer relying on the Mac2Win library from Altura. This is now done with 4D v16 R4 and allowing to use modern technologies on the Windows platform, such as SDI.

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SDI mode for engined applications

Get rid of the grey-background main window and make your Windows 64-bit application entering a new world where application windows are all independent!

Discover SDI mode on Windows 64-bit >


4D View Pro

4D View Pro Spreadsheet

4D v16 R4 introduces the very first step of the 4D View Pro spreadsheet as a preview. Discover the new 4D View Pro form object, and the new 4D commands allowing you to create a new document, save it on disk or in the database and reopen it.

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… and more!

Process and users monitoring

With the Get process activity new command, you can create a monitoring window of your application or log this information in a database to analyze later your server load.

How to Monitor Processes and Users >

Get License information

Retrieve detailed information about the active license of your running 4D product using the Get license info new command.

Get Information about Licenses >

Fine Control of Tips

Enable or disable all tips and finely control the delay before showing it and for how long it is shown. This is providing you with more flexibility regarding tip management.

Learn More about Tip Management >

Tab Order Definition

Change the tab order of form objects by programming. For instance, you want to show, hide or move the objects in a form depending on the selected item in a list, you can now do it!

See More about Tab Order Definition >

IPv6-related user interface improvement

4D v16 R4 provides some UI improvements for a better user experience for people using IPv6 network configurations.

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Need more technical details about a new command or a new option? Take a look at the 4D v16 R4 beta documentation in 4D Doc Center.

Download 4D v16 R4 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners)

It is time for you to be part of the R-release cycle by giving us your inputs about the beta version and the new features. Customer feedback is a key element for the 4D team to improve our product quality and deliver the best features to meet your needs. To do so, please contribute to our “beta version” forum, accessible for all 4D Partners.

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Caroline Briaud
• 4D Product Team Leader •Caroline joined 4D SAS in July, 2013 as an Engineering Manager responsible for new features definition. Caroline helped the Engineering team to put in place the R-release concept, with the new development process definition and its application within 4D’s engineering teams.Caroline is now leading the 4D Product team, mainly made up of Product Owners which are representing the customers within Engineering.Caroline started her career as a software developer in the mobile phone industry. She specialized in program management with an American company in an international context spread across US, India and China.