4D v16 is now available!

Thanks to its new features and advanced core technologies, 4D v16 enables you to create and run scalable, rapid, flexible and engaging applications, easily adaptable to changes in business needs. It helps you speed up development and cut complexity, so you can focus on your priorities and seize new opportunities. You can check the complete list of 4D new features. Some of the 4D v16 key advantages are summarized here after.

High-speed object database


With 4D v16, now you can experience up to x10 speed improvement just by upgrading. You can benefit from drastically faster queries and data access with the new 64-bit database cache manager. Thanks to the fully optimized new algorithm you can appreciate the benefits of having faster databases and more parallel user accesses. It brings also enhanced responsiveness for your end users.

Additionally, you can experience breathtakingly fast and easy access to your data, schema or schemaless. Using object fields in your database brings you flexibility without sacrificing performance thanks to the fast queries.

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More processes, more memory, more users

Add more and more users

Make your solutions scalable with 4D v16 64-bit (Windows and OS X). You can benefit from almost infinite memory to manage high volume data. Also, you can take advantage of multi-core machines to support hundreds of desktop users or thousands of web users. Thanks to Preemptive Multithreading, you can have more parallel processes and thus add more and more users, either for desktop or for web.

You are ready for the future thanks to the new product line entirely based on the latest macOS and Windows APIs. Benefit from the full 64-bit environment to create reliable and optimized solutions. Explore boundless possibilities and automatically benefit from the latest technological innovations. Also, in 4D Developer Pro Windows 64-bit, Altura APIs have been removed to let you benefit from the latest Windows tech advances.

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Enhanced development capabilities

Enhanced development capabilities

With 4D v16, develop faster and focus on your business logic first. No more rigid data model thanks to the object database. You can appreciate flexible and fast development! Use high-speed operations to retrieve a list of used attributes/values.

You can also now use asynchronous programming for an optimized and efficient use of system resources. This brings more fluidity for the developer. With Asynchronous Messages between Processes, you now have a new, simple and powerful way to exchange information between processes and also between processes and forms.

Additionally, now you can use the fully customizable list box object, entirely adaptable to user needs. With the new features, such as the new column auto-resizing feature or the 4D View Pro new feature, allowing full control of the list box row height, you can considerably enhance the user experience.

And with this new version, 4D language is also enriched with 50+ new commands and additional programming options.

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New powerful integrated text engine

New powerful text engine

Now you can embrace modernity with 4D Write Pro and experience smooth and fast development. 4D Write Pro is fully integrated into 4D itself, making it easier to deploy and manage.

Easily generate your catalogues, invoices, and reports programmatically. 4D Write Pro provides a full set of commands for accessing document content by programming.

Appreciate the fast and flexible development with objects. You can also rapidly create your documents using bookmarks. Bookmarks permit you to access and reuse specific parts of a document and create templates to generate easily and rapidly documents.

Additionally, you can design your own 4D Write Pro Interfaces with dedicated commands for faster development.

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Rich and immersive user experience

Rich and immersive UX

Simply upgrade to 4D v16 and automatically benefit from an engaging user interface and enhanced usability.

You can enrich your solutions with the Label editor, Quick report and Import/Export modern dialogs, which are intuitive and easy to use for your end-users. Your business applications instantly adopt the latest look and feel guidelines on both macOS and Windows platforms.

Also, you can appreciate the Application Sleep Notification feature, which allows you to achieve higher levels of availability. The fully automatic reconnection when a client exits sleep mode saves time for your end users. They can just continue to work.

Best of all, thanks to Single Sign On, when you log in to your Windows session, you are also logged in to your 4D application. And coupling SSO with LDAP, you can experience normalized and secure authentication.

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You want to see it for yourself ? Just upgrade and experience the new powerful 4D v16.

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Laurent Launay
• Corporate Marketing Manager •Laurent joined 4D SAS in April 2014 as Product Marketing Manager. He took part on actively promoting the market introduction of the R-release program. Laurent is now handling the marketing activities, making sure that any communication tool and strategy put in place, is always in line with the customer expectations.With an engineering background, and in such a company like 4D, there is never a long way from marketing to products and customers.Prior to joining 4D, Laurent used to work as Marketing and Business Development Manager for international software vendors for mobile carriers and ISPs.