4D is hitting the road with the 4D World Tour 2017

There is ONE PLACE to learn everything about 4D v16, to ask for more details about new 4D technologies, to exchange with your 4D teams, to talk with the community and this place is NEAR TO YOU.

All 4D teams are traveling around the World, over 6 continents, visiting 40 cities in 16 countries, with one unique goal: meeting you!

4D World Tour 2017

During this journey through the best of 4D,

  • Developers will learn how to improve their application using new features, enhancing their UI for a better user experience.
  • Team managers will meet consultant that will help solving their business application app needs.
  • CTOs, and IT professionals will find out how to benefit from the 64-bit new optimized technologies to increase the application performance, add more users to a client/server solution, accepting more visitors and transactions to a website, and this, using the exact same hardware infrastructure

  Get 4D news, and attend exciting demos about PDF data extraction, Geolocation and clustered data mapping, 4D Write pro, voice messaging, facial recognition, Open source project integration, and a lot more!

   The 4D World Tour is also a unique opportunity to exchange with your 4D team and to meet with the 4D community.

Last but not least, and during the 4D World Tour 2017 event only, 4D experts have cooked an exclusive State-of-the-art training session.

Do not lose the opportunity to attend this one day training, dedicated to existing 4D customers willing to change the way they approach building applications, and improving existing projects.

Learn how you can benefit from the new 4D v16 64-bit technologies, like: the new cache manager, preemptive multithreaded language execution and the increasingly context-based paradigm.

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Laurent Launay
• Corporate Marketing Manager •Laurent joined 4D SAS in April 2014 as Product Marketing Manager. He took part on actively promoting the market introduction of the R-release program. Laurent is now handling the marketing activities, making sure that any communication tool and strategy put in place, is always in line with the customer expectations.With an engineering background, and in such a company like 4D, there is never a long way from marketing to products and customers.Prior to joining 4D, Laurent used to work as Marketing and Business Development Manager for international software vendors for mobile carriers and ISPs.