4D Write Pro: Where are my formulas?

When a 4D Write Pro document contains external elements resulting from expressions or formulas, they are visible when the “Display expressions” mode is used. Still, they are blended into the text when the values are displayed. This is what you want for a final document, but it is sometimes useful to easily view these calculated values while writing the document. Well, 4D v19 R3 is giving you new display options for this purpose!

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Great news! The image settings dialog is here

Images are an essential part of documents. On an invoice for example, getting the right positioning for the company logo is important. That’s why the 4D Write Pro interface component offers a property dialog for images. You or your end users can easily define:

  • the size of the image
  • the display format
  • the margins and padding
  • the position on the page for anchored images


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Export 4D Write Pro documents to SVG format

4D Write Pro documents can be exported into different formats: PDF, Plain text, Microsoft Word, 4D Write Pro, HTML… To this list is now added the SVG format!

SVG is an image format. Thanks to that, you will be able to create previews of any page, integrate them in your interface, visualize them in browsers, on mobile devices, etc.