Author: Intissar Elmezrouai


A front-end developer with a sprinkle of Design Thinking.
Currently Product Marketing @4D


Bootstrap and 4D transformation tags

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Do you need to access your 4D data from a web page but don’t have a designer in your team? Are you uncomfortable designing the pages yourself because deep down you believe that it’s full of complicated and unwritten rules? Well, have you ever thought about Bootstrap?
In this blog post, we’ll look at how to take advantage of Bootstrap’s framework to design web pages in no time! We’ll also provide you with a database example to see how it can be combined with 4D transformation tags.


4D Write Pro and the UI widgets

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4D Write Pro has no default interface because it’s meant to be embedded in your application. Therefore, it needs to fit your user interface design and provide just the right amount of features for your use case(s). We decided to provide you an easy way to create your own interface with Standard Actions. Since starting from scratch is not always easy, we’ve made widgets available that you can use directly. Better yet, if you’re a partner, you can even customize them (i.e., remove features, change the order/organization of tabs, buttons, etc.)!

In this blog post, we’ll go through the interface possibilities offered by 4D Write Pro.


4D V17 R3 Beta starts today

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17 R3! Let’s take a look and see what this beta release includes:


  • 4D for iOS: More features to customize your mobile applications, with data formatters, create your own templates, and the ability to add your own icons.  
  • 4D Write Pro: New commands for complex and beautifully designed documents.
  • 4D View Pro: Import and export Microsoft Excel documents (.xlsx format).
  • More thread-safe 4D commands for even more preemptive processes.
  • Export your structure file in plain text for source control repositories.
  • Write your own methods for objects.
  • And much more (see below).

4D v17 R2 is here!

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4D v17 R2 is now available! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:

  • Access to a preview version of 4D for iOS and fire up your first project. 
  • A new 4D Write Pro toolbar designed to provide easy and immediate access to different actions.
  • An enhanced user interface with new options in 4D View Pro.
  • Preemptive SOAP Web Services for faster responses to simultaneous requests.

All of this and more awaits you!


Make your solutions scalable with preemptive multi-threading – Add K. from 4D Summit 2018

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Preemptive processes are powerful since they allow your applications to take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, this results in faster global execution time and more connected users. With 4D v17, we went a step further by providing you 1,000+ thread-safe commands!

Watch the Preemptive multi-threading video from the 4D Summit 2018 Keynote. It features Add Komoncharoensiri, Director of Technical Services (4D USA), explaining how the preemptive support in 4D helps you take advantage of your multi-core machines, as well as the new concepts we shipped along the way to help you boost performance and efficiency.