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A front-end developer with a sprinkle of Design Thinking.
Currently Product Marketing @4D


Highlights of the technical announcements from 4D Summit 2018!

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4D Summit 2018 which took place in Paris and Washington DC recently, was filled with huge product announcements and a plethora of exciting sessions. It was a great experience for everyone who was able to attend! More than 450 attendees were on site to witness a lot of incredible revelations. 

In this blog post, we’ll recap the highlights from this year’s 4D Summit.



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We are thrilled to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17! This major release is chock-full of enhancements and new features that one blog post is not enough to cover them! 

With that being said, 4D v17 Beta introduces more than +60 advances including improvements to existing functionalities as well as new ones. And if you’re eager to see 4D v17 Beta in action, check out this extensive library of examples (HDIs) to have an overall idea on this release full potential.

So, let’s take a look and discover some of what 4D v17 Beta has in store for you:


  • ORDA: a revolutionary concept, making it possible to you use your database in an object-oriented approach.
  • 4D language: major enhancements to help you boost your productivity with fewer lines of code.
  • 4D Write Pro: to create complex business documents.
  • Security: the highest security level off the shelf for 4D products.
  • 4D View Pro: to display advanced lists and create spreadsheets.
  • 4D commands: More 4D commands to enlarge your programming capabilities.
  • Flexible tools: to help you design an immersive User Experience.

How to create a newsletter in 4D Write Pro

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4D Write Pro is a powerful text engine, entirely programmable, and fully integrated into 4D and its database. It has an unlimited number of uses. Beyond generating complex documents by programming, or creating letters and quotes as in classic word processors, 4D Write Pro allows you to easily publish your documents on the web.


4D V17 is just around the corner

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We have some thrilling news to announce and the title may have already given a hint!

Lately, we’ve been working on preparing the release of 4D v17, which will provide new and exciting advances and even more reliable experiences for our customers.


4D v16 R6 is here!

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4D v16 R6 is now available!

Here is a sneak peek of the things we’ve got in store for you:

  • Step up your game and boost your productivity with the 40+ new built-in methods to manage collections.
  • Breath life into your 4D Write Pro documents with full control over images, thanks to anchored pictures.
  • Get ready for 4D View Pro and convert your existing 4D View documents.
  • Explore a new flexible way to dynamically build forms fully adapted to your users’ needs.

All of this, and more awaits you!


Find a specific attribute value in a single line of code!

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Remember the days when you had to use nested loops and conditional statements to retrieve an object’s attribute? So you ended up with a long and complicated piece of code? Well, those days are over! Thanks to object notation combined with collections and their methods, you’re now able to write code faster, and in a more readable way!

Finding a specific attribute’s value has never been easier. Let’s take a look at a real life scenario and discover how!


4D Summit Advanced Training 2018 – Innovation at its finest!

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In this year’s 4D Summit Advanced Training, you’re going to learn about a lot of new innovative concepts that will be revealed during the Keynote and the MasterClass.

Not only sugar syntax, but accessing data in a very different way. Not only will these cutting edge features will allow you to take your applications to a whole new level, but they will also help you attract new talent! However, if you’re still skeptical and trying to decide if it’s worth booking a whole day dedicated to this new version, well the answer is: YES, it’s definitely worth it!


4D V16 R6 Beta starts today!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v16 R6! This release is loaded with enhancements and new features that you won’t want to miss!

Let’s take a look and discover what’s new in the 4D v16 R6 Beta:


  • Improvements to the 4D language and new emerging concepts – so you can write better code … faster
  • Increased security of 4D Web Server so you can have better rankings on web security audit tests
  • Pictures in absolute position with 4D Write Pro – so you can have even more control
  • Ability to convert existing 4D View documents to 4D View Pro – so you can upgrade easier

4D V16 R5 IS HERE!

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4D v16 R5 is now available!

Enhanced security4D language improvements, more commands to handle your 4D Write Pro documents, and an automatic mode for 4D View Pro advanced lists, are the highlights of 4D v16 R5.

Download 4D v16 R5 and discover all the advances in this R-release!