Author: David Azancot

David Azancot
• 4D for iOS Product Owner •David Azancot joined the 4D Product team as a Product Owner in 2017. He's in charge of writing the user stories and translating them into functional specifications. His role also includes making sure that feature implementations meet customers' needs.David graduated with an MBA in Marketing, Internet and Mobility from the Leonard De Vinci Institute and began his career in 2011 with a mobile start-up company, later acquired by Madvertise (a mobile marketing group). Passionate about mobile interfaces, he was the natural choice to develop interactive mobile ad formats for the group in 2015. In parallel, David has been developing his own iOS and Android applications since 2012.
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4D for iOS: Improved UX (& more) with deep Linking

4D v18 R5 includes a new great feature: Deep linking. That’s cool, but what the heck is it?

Here’s an example:

Have you ever gotten an email from Netflix asking if you want to continue watching a movie that you stopped halfway through? You click the link, but it doesn’t take you to the Netflix home page or launch the application on your phone. Instead, clicking the link opens the player, and resumes the movie exactly where you stopped. 

That’s deep linking! It allows users to open a specific view in their app just by clicking on a URL (significantly improving the user experience and increasing user retention and engagement).

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CryptoKey: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, and Verify!

4D solutions have always been safe and stable. This is because 4D invests heavily in developing and updating security features. 4D continues this focus in 4D v18 R4 with a new feature to further enhance its security toolkit. A new class providing a set of methods to perform common cryptographic operations is now available: CryptoKey class.

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4D for iOS: Push Notifications

4D v18 R4 delivers a very exciting feature … Push notifications. These are messages sent directly to the user’s mobile device from your app. Push notifications provide users with relevant information to encourage them to engage with an app. As of this feature release, 4D for iOS not only allows doing so but also allows you to do it with ease!

For email authentication, 4D for iOS also makes your life easier.

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4D for iOS: Email authentication

Monitoring access to your mobile app is a very important capability that deserves further consideration. Email validation is one of the simplest and most secure ways to determine the authenticity and legitimacy of the person trying to log into your app. 4D for iOS enables you to easily handle this validation process by verifying that an email comes from whom it claims to be sent from, and by allowing you to block harmful uses of the email.

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4D for iOS Gallery: Ready-to-use templates

Very cool stuff is coming in 4D for iOS with 4D v18 R3! To make a long story short, 40+ ready-to-use templates are at your disposal and you have access to an additional integrated Gallery which can be used directly from the project editor. The gallery is based on a dynamic list of up-to-date templates from GitHub. Feel free to use and test the templates and even share your own custom-designed templates with other developers!

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4D for iOS: What you need to know about iOS 13

iOS 13, first launched at the Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2019), to be released today, September 19. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that some of the features Apple has unveiled for their latest iOS, will be available in 4D for iOS with the release of the v18! Here’s everything you need to know about the advances we have in store for you: