4D v19 R7 Beta Starts Today

There are the Seven Wonders of the World. The seven dwarfs. Seven colors in the rainbow. Seven notes on a musical scale. And may the seventh release of v19 bring the charm of this number to your 4D application ✨

Let’s discover what 4D v19 R7 Beta has in store for you:




  • Take your documents from good to great with the new 4D Write Pro updates, including a user-friendly display of formulas, document modification detection, and “subtotal” lines.
  • Manipulate data in real-time, and channel the artist within, thanks to the possibility of displaying web pages in your 4D for Mobile apps.
  • Gain time and disk space with the ability to download Local Resources to a shared folder with Windows Remote Desktop Services. 
  • Manage your table columns & rows more efficiently with 4D View Pro’s new set of commands— when combined with data contexts, designing even advanced templates becomes a breeze.
  • And much more awaits you with a feature release that goes all out!

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 4D Write Pro

Carry-over rows are available

Imagine having a big sales table potentially spanning several pages. At the end of one page, you’d like to calculate the subtotal, carry it over to the next page, and include it on the calculations on that page. This is often necessary, sometimes even legally required, when editing long invoices, for example.

Starting with 4D v19 R7, a “subtotal” line can be inserted at the bottom of each part of the respective tables (that are filled automatically, thanks to this v19 R6 feature). 

Document modification detection

When a 4D Write Pro document is in edit mode, it’s often helpful to know if it has actually been modified by the end user. Based on this information, actions or interfaces can be adjusted to be more user-friendly. 4D v19 R7 makes this easier than ever.

User-friendly display of formulas

Wave goodbye to the long, hard-to-read formulas. And say hello to a more user-friendly presentation.

4D v19 R7 allows you to display formulas as a symbol ⓕ, indicating their presence, to make documents more precise and transparent.

Old vs. New Display

Old Display vs. New Display




Local Resources Sharing

You asked. We delivered!

4D v19 R7 allows you to download Local Resources to a shared folder with the Windows Remote Desktop Services instead of the user account folder. This results in a time and disk space gain because Local Resources are no longer downloaded from the server by each user and are not duplicated for each user in a Remote Desktop Service environment.


Old Architecture


New Architecture


 4D View Pro

Management of table Rows & columns

4D v19 R7 is shipped with new commands allowing you to manage your table columns and rows more efficiently.

Combining this new feature with data contexts enables you to design more advanced templates to automatically populate business content with the correct information for every situation.



 Files and Folders

Hello files handle

When it comes to writing and reading, the setText and getText functions are at your disposal to read or write the entire content. 4D v19 R7 brings file handles in case you want to read or add one or more lines to an existing document.



Display Classes Component in the Method Explorer

To make your coding experience even easier, 4D v19 R7 is bringing a new feature. From now on, you can visualize a list of all the available component classes in the method explorer, so you decide in a glimpse of an eye which function you need to use in your code.




 4D for Mobile

Session management

From now on, your app users can be identified using the same session for web or mobile, a very convenient way to keep users’ data and offer an optimized user experience. This feature is the first step toward bridging the gap between (mobile) web and native apps and getting the best of both worlds in a single 4D for Mobile application.

Display web pages in your mobile app

You can already compose views based on templates; dozens are at your disposal to beautify your mobile apps. 4D v19 R7 is spicing up things even more by enabling you to display a web page served by 4D using a new preset action: Open URL.



Having this front-end flexibility includes more than the app design; this feature opens the doors to real-time data updates on your mobile; think about stock symbols and their values, temperature changes, employees and their geolocation, or even their online/offline status — just to name a few scenarios when data that arrives is updated frequently.

4D for Android new features

With every feature release, we ship new features to 4D for Android. And 4D v19 R7 is no exception with two new additions:

  • Sort the content of a list form for Android (already available in 4D for iOS)
  • Update to Material Design 3 (for Android only)


Wave Goodbye to the Alt key

Regarding list boxes and the Drag and Drop action, starting with 4D v19 R7, there is no need to hold the Alt key to move several items simultaneously.


 HTTP Client

New Improvements

With 4D v19 R6, we brought you a new way to perform HTTP requests: HTTP classes. At that time, some of the HTTP classes functionalities were not final, as we wanted to adapt them to the new syntax.

That’s why in 4D v19 R7, compressed responses, chunked responses, and redirections functionalities are now complete.


4D Extension for VSCode

4D Analyzer: Go To Definition & Signature Help

4D brought Visual Studio Code support, allowing it to handle 4D code and provide it with standard functionalities such as syntax highlighting

4Dv19 R7 brings two new capabilities: Go To Definition and Signature Help. And more features to come in future releases.


Go To Definition


Signature Help


User Interface

Say hello to round corners.

For you to embellish your applications and follow the latest trends, we have added the possibility to round the corners of static texts and input texts thanks to the new “Corner radius” attribute. 



Structure Editor Toolbar Optimization

The toolbar has been modified to modernize and standardize all 4D windows. When hovering over tables, fields, or relationships, useful information is displayed in the status bar. New in 4D v19 R7 is the display of relationship names directly in the status bar. You no longer need to open the properties window.




Need more technical details? Look at the 4D v19 R7 Beta documentation on the 4D Doc Center.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our product quality and better serve your needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the features above. Contribute to our beta forum (accessible for all 4D Partners). And don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs; we take votes very seriously

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