Use 4D Write Pro documents as input forms

Do you want to avoid users accidentally modifying a particular 4D Write Pro document (fully or partially)? Are you interested in keeping some parts of a document untouched (e.g., giving users the ability to fill in fields in a non-disclosure agreement while ensuring that none of the information in the document is altered or changed in any way)? If you’re nodding your head, then keep reading! 4D v18 R3 lets you keep parts of your documents protected, or in other words: “non-editable“.

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4D Write Pro: New standard actions for tables, rows, and cells

4D v18 R3 brings new standard actions to 4D Write Pro. They target tables and their elements (i.e., rows and cells). These actions let you to define a table’s border, a cell’s background color, the vertical alignment of the text in a row, as well as the alignment of the table itself in the document … just to name a few. All standard actions are accessible either through simple buttons, dropdown lists, or menus or through a few short lines of code. Want more? The menus are automatically adapted to the user’s language! Plus, tables, buttons, lists, and menus are automatically activated or deactivated depending on the user’s current selection. This saves developers a lot of time!

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4D Write Pro and formulas

With 4D v18 R2, 4D Write Pro is able to manage formula objects inside documents. To do so, four new commands have been created: WP Get formulas, WP Insert formula, WP Compute formulas, and WP Freeze formulas. They all can be used with intuitive targets like document, body, headers, etc. And as you may have guessed from the command names, formulas are no longer text expressions but powerful formula objects!