4D for iOS: Email authentication

Monitoring access to your mobile app is a very important capability that deserves further consideration. Email validation is one of the simplest and most secure ways to determine the authenticity and legitimacy of the person trying to log into your app. 4D for iOS enables you to easily handle this validation process by verifying that an email comes from whom it claims to be sent from, and by allowing you to block harmful uses of the email.

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4D for iOS Gallery: Ready-to-use templates

Very cool stuff is coming in 4D for iOS with 4D v18 R3! To make a long story short, 40+ ready-to-use templates are at your disposal and you have access to an additional integrated Gallery which can be used directly from the project editor. The gallery is based on a dynamic list of up-to-date templates from GitHub. Feel free to use and test the templates and even share your own custom-designed templates with other developers!