Author: Arnaud Schmitt

Arnaud Schmitt

After obtaining a master's degree in Communication and Marketing at Paris Sorbonne University, Arnaud began his career in the media industry as a journalist and editorial secretary.

Passionate about IT, he joined the ACI company (which later became 4D) in the early 90s as a technical writer. Continuing the 4D adventure, Arnaud has since taken the head of the Documentation department. Over the years, he has supported both the evolutions of the 4D product and those of the documentation tools, from FrameMaker to Docusaurus, including Doc Center.


The story behind 4D’s new Markdown-based documentation site

Automatically translated from English

by Arnaud Schmitt, Head of Technical Documentation at 4D SAS


As many of you know, has long been managed using an in-house 4D application. However, 4D’s documentation is currently in transition to a new architecture: a Markdown-based documentation site.

This was the topic a few weeks ago during a 4D Method meetup, where I shared our experience about creating and maintaining the new documentation site. You may find this information useful when you are browsing the 4D documentation site, or if you need to create your own documentation.