4D V17 R2 Beta starts today

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17 R2! And without further ado, let’s take a look and discover what 4D v17 R2 BETA has in store for you:


  • The wait is over. Check out this preview version of 4D for iOS and fire up your first mobile project.
  • A new 4D Write Pro toolbar with multiple tabs to organize information and quickly switch between different actions.
  • New options for an enhanced user interface in 4D View Pro.
  • A preemptive SOAP Web Services Server and Client for faster responses to simultaneous requests.

Download 4D v17 R2 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners) 

4D for iOS

4D for iOS was announced during 4D Summit 2018. Starting now, you can access the preview version with 4D v17 R2 and get familiar with it. But before you do that, let’s learn a little about what’s inside …

Integrated in 4D 

The product is fully integrated in 4D, which means that you can easily create a new mobile project directly from 4D, without needing any prior expertise building native iOS apps.

Creating native apps come with perks

And since 4D for iOS allows you to build native iOS apps, the UI design is fully optimized for mobile devices (as native objects ensure the best performance and follow Apple’s guidelines). All of this results in a fantastic User Experience.

Offline mode support

4D for iOS supports offline synchronization! Thanks to the replication of information in a local database on the mobile device, your app will continue working in the absence of a network connection.

what’s next?

Many things can already be done with this preview version. For example, if you’re in a business where you need to constantly check unpaid invoices or customer quotes, or simply perform search requests, 4D for iOS could be the answer. Go to New > Mobile Project, fire up your first mobile application, select the tables and fields you’re interested in, and take a tour to discover our library of icons and the beautifully designed templates! 

The first feature set is still limited, but we’ll iteratively release more and more features with the upcoming R-releases. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s a complete tutorial to help you get familiar with 4D for iOS.

And if you have a specific 4D for iOS related question, don’t hesitate to join the discussion board on “4D for iOS – Preview” forum (accessible for all 4D Partners).

4D Write Pro

a new toolbar to join the 4D write pro family

A new toolbar has joined 4D Write Pro to ease the document creation process. Efficiency and quick access to different actions are the order of the day! Just drag and drop a new item from the Object Library and get access to seven different tabs in order to quickly switch between actions.

Images in absolute position in 4D Write Pro >

table pagination

With 4D v17 R2, you don’t have to count rows to check the size of a page or its orientation. Now, tables are dynamically split when a page or a column break occurs.

4d expressions SUPPORTED in anchored images

More flexibility with 4D v17 R2 and anchored images. A valid 4D expression can also be associated to an anchored picture! Just set the new “wk image expression” attribute for any anchored image to define a method returning a picture.

4D Write Pro: use leading characters for tabs >


4D Language

Preemptive soap web services

Creating preemptive SOAP Web Services are now not only possible, but also easy. With all the newly thread-safe Web Service commands (list below), your applications can take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, this results in faster responses to simultaneous requests.

Thread-safe commands:

Server commands:

  • SOAP Request
  • SOAP Get info

Client commands:

  • WEB SERVICE Get info



4D View Pro

methods and database fields

With 4D v17 R2, you have full control over the data you choose to make available (or not) to your end users, as well as which fields or methods allowing the access. Commands and variables can’t be called directly from a cell, but they can be accessed through allowed methods which return the command’s or variable’s value. This way your database security is enhanced.

new options for an enhanced User Interface

4D v17 R2 introduces two new options to help you customize your 4D View Pro interface. In the new Appearance section of the Property List, you’ll find the first option, User Interface, which allows you to switch between two different display modes: Toolbar and None. The second option, Show formula bar, is a checkbox to hide or show the formula bar.

Convert a 4D View document to 4D View Pro >

  User Experience

code editor enhancement

The Code Editor is getting more user-friendly to ease your daily work. Thanks to character completion for quote marks “ ”, parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], curly braces { }, and command blocks (For…End for, If … End if, etc.), as well as the closing of commands block, your coding experience is much more intuitive.

Higher security ranking for 4D web sites >

new look for folder and file dialogs In windows

The dialog boxes created by the Select folder command and the dialog box opened by 4D have been updated with the latest version of Windows File Explorer. But design is not the only enhancement, this feature includes significant changes such as improved filtering, sorting, grouping, and stacking.


Need more technical details? Take a look at the 4D v17 R2 Beta documentation in the 4D Doc Center.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our product quality and better serve your needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the features above. Contribute to our “beta version” forum (accessible for all 4D Partners).

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