Improvement of Find in Design dialog

Find in design dialog has been upgraded to offer a more user-friendly design as well as 2 new features that will improve the user experience : a new stop button allowing to stop the ongoing search and a new option to filter your search results.

First of all, the design has been modernized to offer a more concise dialog by default.


But don’t worry, all options allowing to perform a very precise search are still there! Just click on the expand button:


New Stop Button

You want to stop a long search in Find in design before the end ? It’s now possible thanks to the Stop button. When you click on stop, the search will be terminated, but the results already listed will stay available in the results search.


New Filter Option

You have so many results that you want to select just a few of them ? Click on the chosen results to select them and use the new Find in design feature “Remove all from list except selection” to remove all others.


A video is also available if you want to take a look:

For more details, please refer to the 4D v16 R2 documentation:

Just so you know, more new features for the Find in Design dialog are already in development, so stay tuned…

Fabrice Mainguené
• Product Owner •Fabrice Mainguené joined 4D Program team in November, 2016. As a Product Owner, he is in charge of writing the user stories then translating it to functional specifications. His role is also to make sure that the feature implementation delivered is meeting the customer need.After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at CNAM, Fabrice joined a small software publishing company as a Windev developer. Then he worked for different companies in industry and trade areas as a Windev and web developer as well as technical advisor on new features.