4D v17 R6 Beta starts today

We’re pleased to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17 R6! Without further ado, let’s take a look and see what this R-release has in store for you:


  • 4D for iOS apps are taken to new heights thanks to the ability to manage and edit your app content using parameters.
  • Advanced programming capabilities at your disposal: from the ability to retrieve the current execution call chain, to a powerful new tool to analyze debug logs – just to name a few.
  • Sophisticated search criteria and optimized coding with new ORDA advances. 
  • Style customization, the use of collections to read and write values and formulas, along with more control over your methods are the new functionalities added to the ever-growing list of 4D View Pro features.
  • The beta tests for 4D Projects continue with 4D v17 R6, making it possible for you to take full advantage of a source control system.

Download 4D v17 R6 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners)

4D for iOS – Preview 

Actions with parameters

You asked, 4D delivered. With 4D v17 R6, you can create more engaging and advanced iOS apps than ever before, thanks to the ability to edit data directly in your iOS app using a defined edit form. And that’s not all! We’ve also created some predefined actions and made them available for you!



Advanced programming capabilities

Retrieve the current execution call chain

Have you ever felt lost when trying to debug code with nested methods? When one method calls other methods, which may then call other methods? Well thanks to the new Get call chain command, you now have insight into the executed code .  

Analyze debug logs

A new tool is at your fingertips to monitor process execution. You’ll be able to see which processes are the most consuming, the call chain with the corresponding running time, and much more. This tool is designed to help you find conflicts in your code and improve the performance of your database.

Quick Report improvements

Quick Report has been totally redeveloped in 64 bits and features are being continuously integrated. This R-release gives you two advances: the first is the ability to catch events in standalone reports, and the second is related to managing subtotal spacing.

Dynamic forms and entry order

Easily customize the entry order of your dynamic forms by defining an entry order that’s not necessarily associated with the z-order. The new “entryOrder” attribute lets you specify your own customized entry order.

Using CSS color strings for better readability

Typically, CSS colors are declared using a 4-byte longint format (e.g., 0x00RRGGBB). Now in 4D v17 R6, you can write “blue” instead of its numeric equivalent 255 (0xFF).




More sophisticated queries with formulas

Do you need more sophisticated search criteria than just a simple syntax like “name = Smith”? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to like 4D v17 R6. Now you can use any project method or 4D expression in the query() method by using formulas.

Order an entity selection with a new ORDA method

In addition to the ability to apply formulas in ORDA queries, a new ORDA method is available: orderByFormula(). Thanks to formulas, you can now order an entity selection using complex criteria in a given project method or a 4D expression.

Optimize your ORDA code with requests logging

Thanks to the new ORDA methods available on the ds object, you’ll be able to debug functions and optimize your ORDA code with a better understanding of the sent requests.



4D View Pro

read/write values and formulas using collections

If you need to read or write many different values or formulas, you can do it faster, easier, and at the same time by using collections. A new set of commands are available for this: VP SET VALUESVP Get valuesVP SET FORMULAS, and VP Get formulas.

Style customization

With 4D v17 R6, you can programmatically customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents. Three ways are available, you can: 1) use the default style commands to define the general style of a sheet, 2) use the style sheet commands to define frequently used custom style settings, and finally, 3) use the cell style commands to define the style of specific cells.

Get control over your methods

A new command, VP SET ALLOWED METHODS, is available to let you specify a 4D method’s parameters, name, type, and a summary. Now your methods are more informative and descriptive, helping end users to better use them.



Source control – Beta

We started beta testing Projects in 4D v17 R5 and we continue testing in 4D v17 R6 with more supported functions and features. Since all of your code is now text-based, it’s easy to commit it to a source control system such as Git, Perforce, SVN, or others. You can not only commit it, you can also roll back or merge it with other branches. This has a major impact on the way you’ll develop applications with 4D.



Need more technical details? Take a look at the 4D v17 R6 Beta documentation in the 4D Doc Center.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our product quality and better serve your needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the features above. Contribute to our “beta version” forum (accessible for all 4D Partners).

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