4D v17 R3 is here!

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4D v17 R3 is now available! 

To whet your appetite, here’s an overview of what this R-release has to offer:

  • Create your own object methods and move one step closer towards classes in the 4D language.
  • More 4D for iOS features for a customized mobile application with data formatters, personalized templates, and the ability to add your own icons.  
  • The ability to export the .4DB file into multiple text files as a first step towards full source control support – coming in a future release.
  • 4D Write Pro is getting more feature-rich with new commands and attributes to create complex and beautiful documents.
  • Import and export Microsoft Excel documents (.xlsx format) with 4D View Pro.

All of this and more awaits you!

Download 4D v17 R3 and discover all the advances in this R-release!

Download 4D v17 R3

Read about new features in details >


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