2021 in Review: Our top 10 blog posts of the year!

It’s that time of the year where we take a look back at ten of our most-read posts. What a year it’s been! From native silicon support and the remarkable performance enhancements that came with it to a whole new Project mode set of features that will greatly enhance your programming experience.

2021 was filled with important product announcements and a plethora of exciting features! Let’s take a look at the topics that grabbed your attention in 2021:

#10 – Reasons Why We Release Early and Often

In this blog post, we went through the 4D strategy behind the decision to release versions that are not fully developed, which is summarized in the “release early, release often” paradigm. By releasing early, we give you, our valuable users, the chance to experience the latest software release; it also allows us to identify bugs and fix them quickly. 

#9 –  Formula – Think outside the box

According to the top 10 blog posts of 2019, the Formula: More power behind simplicity post ranked quite high … in the top five. It seems that Formula really grabbed your attention, so here’s another tip that Vincent de Lachaux (developer and 4D expert aka THE WIZARD) has shown shared with you! And apparently, it ranked high as well. 

#8 – Test the powerful 4D REST server with Postman

4D provides a robust REST server that enables direct access to data stored in your 4D databases. This makes it possible, for example, to build an API to use with a modern front-end technology (e.g., Angular, React, etc.). This blog post provided the first introduction to the 4D robust REST server. You saw how to configure it and test the create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) operations using the API testing tool, Postman.

#7 – Connect your mail transporters with an OAuth 2.0 token

Lately, email servers have started to move to OAuth 2.0 authentication to increase security. In this blog post, we showed you how to set the OAuth 2.0 authentication mode of a connection.

#6 – An introductory guide to 4D and Version Control Systems

4D developed Project mode to be more efficient on source code management to deliver better traceability. This mode opened a new era of collaboration thanks to version control systems! To help you understand how those systems work and how they could benefit you, we are pleased to announce the release of this guide on 4D and version control systems.

#5 – ORDA Classes to handle your data model

We continued to add enhancements to ORDA through a set of features in each subsequent feature release. We went a  step further with the announcement of ORDA data model classes. Classes dedicated to your data model.

 #4 – Hash and verify passwords for web user login

As 4D is closely paying attention to security matters, we provided you with several security improvements. One of them relates to the web users’ password protection through password hashing.

#3 – Your data live … in a web interface

How about a modern and user-friendly web interface to view your data? What if this interface comes with a powerful query engine? Dream no more! All this is now a reality, thanks to Data Explorer.

#2 – 4D v19 performance on Apple M1

This guest post by Roland Mulder, CEO Micro Consulting SA, Switzerland, is really ranking high, and we couldn’t be more excited! Roland shared his experience using 4D v19 on Apple M1.

And guess what? Our customers know best 🙂

#1 – CryptoKey: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, and Verify

In the #1 post of 2021, we introduced a new feature to further enhance 4D’s security toolkit. A new class providing a set of methods to perform common cryptographic operations is now available: CryptoKey class.


• 4D Product Team Leader •Mathieu joined 4D in 2020 as Product Team Leader. His team is composed of Product Owners, the users voice of 4D. Working hand to hand with engineering team, their role involves prioritizing, scoping and verifying that new features will match 4D users expectations.Mathieu previously acted as projects director and team manager in various leading industries IT divisions - automotive, safety, advertising, specialized in international contexts and cloud oriented services.