4D v16 R4 is here!

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4D v16 R4 is now available!

Beyond new opportunities of customizing and enhancing your application interface, 4D v16 R4 is bringing huge improvements to the 4D language. Download 4D v16 R4 and discover one of the most feature-rich R-releases ever!

Download 4D v16 R4

Make your developer’s life easier with Object Notation, where flexibility and performance are concealed beneath a veneer of simplicity and elegance.

Enter a new dimension with 4D Write Pro! Take advantage of real table support – the #1 requested feature. Discover new advanced options to create a customized toolbar in a few clicks, without a single line of code!

Benefit from the Single Document Interface (SDI) where application windows are all independent to bring a brand new UX for your Windows applications. And make sure to take a first peek at the 4D View Pro spreadsheet new form object.

The 4D developer toolkit is growing: create custom dialogs to monitor your user and process activity, and more finely control help tips.

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