4D v15.3 – Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’ certified release

Automatically translated from English

4D v15.3 was released last week and is Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’ certified.

On top of being Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’ certified, this maintenance release has the last OpenSSL library update embedded, to maintain a high level of security in 4D as well as in your application.

So what about macOS Sierra?
Unfortunately,  due to an instability which appeared in the second release of macOS Sierra 10.12.1, published by Apple on October 27th, we had to postpone the Sierra certification process.
To get all the details about this topic, we recommend that you read the Release Notes.

To download 4D v15.3, visit your 4D website today.

Laurent Launay

• Corporate Marketing Manager •

Laurent joined 4D SAS in April 2014 as Product Marketing Manager. He took part on actively promoting the market introduction of the R-release program. Laurent is now handling the marketing activities, making sure that any communication tool and strategy put in place, is always in line with the customer expectations.

With an engineering background, and in such a company like 4D, there is never a long way from marketing to products and customers.

Prior to joining 4D, Laurent used to work as Marketing and Business Development Manager for international software vendors for mobile carriers and ISPs.