What’s new in 4D v17 R2

4D for ios

4D v17 R2 provides you with a preview version of 4D for iOS, allowing you to extend your business applications to mobile devices. 4D for iOS is fully integrated in 4D so there’s no need for an additional installation (except Xcode) or any prior expertise. Even though it’s a preview version, 4D for iOS comes with handy features to allow you to create your first mobile project and get familiar with the product. A few examples of what 4D for iOS has to offer: modern templates fully optimized for mobile devices in accordance with Apple’s guidelines, offline synchronization thanks to the data replication on the mobile device, tools to test your projects on the Simulator or directly on your device, and more …


4D Write Pro

new toolbar

A new toolbar is available with 4D Write Pro to help you with the document creation process. By simply dragging and dropping a new item from the Object Library, you get access to a complete toolbar with seven different tabs so you can quickly switch between actions.


table pagination

Large tables are now automatically displayed on more than one page. You don’t have to count rows to check the size of a page or its orientation as tables are dynamically split when a page or a column break occurs. The WP INSERT BREAK command has been updated to support a new constant: wk paragraph break.



A valid 4D expression can be associated to an anchored picture with the new wk image expression attribute, providing even more flexibility. Just set this constant for any anchored image to define a method that returns a picture.


4D Language


Creating preemptive SOAP Web Services are now not only possible, but also easy! With all the newly thread-safe Web Service commands, your applications can take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, this results in faster responses to simultaneous requests. The following 4D Server commands are now thread-safe: SOAP DECLARATION, SOAP SEND FAULT, SOAP Request, and SOAP Get info. The following Client commands have also been declared thread-safe: WEB SERVICE AUTHENTICATE, WEB SERVICE SET PARAMETER, WEB SERVICE CALL, WEB SERVICE GET RESULT, WEB SERVICE Get info, and WEB SERVICE SET OPTION.


4D view Pro


Your database security is enhanced as you now have even more control over the data you choose to make available (or not) to your end users, as well as which fields or methods allow access.

Commands and variables can’t be called directly from a cell, but they can be accessed through allowed methods which return the command’s or variable’s value. Methods can be authorized with the SET ALLOWED METHODS command, tables or fields can be declared as virtual structures with the SET TABLE TITLES and SET FIELD TITLES commands. Variables as well as 4D commands must be contained in an allowed method.



There are two new options to help you customize your 4D View Pro interface. In the new Appearance section of the Property List, you’ll find the first option, User Interface. This allows you to switch between two different display modes: Toolbar and None. When choosing the Toolbar option, your documents will include a toolbar with multiple tabs to organize information and quickly switch between different actions. The toolbar will not be displayed when None is selected. The second option, Show formula bar, is a checkbox to hide or show the formula bar.


User Experience


Several enhancements have been made to ease your daily work with the Code Editor. If you’ve checked the “Insert () and closing } ) ]” option in the Methods Page of Preferences, 4D will automatically add closing characters after a 4D command, keyword, or project method.



The dialog boxes created by the Select folder command and the dialog box opened by 4D have been updated with the latest version of Windows File Explorer. You can now easily select your file or folder from different sources such as your computer, network, or even your OneDrive account. In addition to the design, this feature includes significant changes such as improved filtering, sorting, grouping, and stacking.


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