What’s new in 4D v16 R3

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New programming possibilities related to standard actions

4D v16 R3 is bringing wider possibilities using the standard actions mechanism. As a reminder, standard actions – such as First Record (existing) or color?value=red (new) – can be assigned to a button or a menu item in the user interface or by programming. A benefit is that 4D also automatically handles the menu item or button deactivation whenever the action is not applicable.

Two new commands have been added to 4D language to easily handle standard actions by programming:

  • INVOKE ACTION can be used to trigger any standard action, optionally in the target context (current form or main form).
  • To know if a standard action is applicable and valid in the current context, you can use the Get action info command.

Standard actions mechanism extended to 4D Write Pro

Over 80 new standard actions dedicated to 4D Write Pro have been created, allowing you to easily handle 4D Write Pro areas with new actions such as Bold, Color, Spell Check, Freeze expression, Zoom, DPI, Print, Show/Hide Ruler, or Show System Font Picker Dialog…It is now possible for you to create your own 4D Write Pro user interface without writing a line of code.

Design your own contextual menu for 4D Write Pro

The Dynamic pop up menu command has been updated, making it possible to easily design your own 4D Write Pro contextual menus based on 4D Write Pro standard actions.

Standard actions mechanism extended to Styled Text

Over 30 standard actions have been created for Styled Text areas, allowing you to easily control font style, size and color. Actions to display, update or freeze all dynamic expressions in the area are also available as well as spell checking actions.

Tabbed windows in 4D design mode on macOS Sierra

On macOS Sierra, applications now have the opportunity to use tabbed windows instead of multiple windows. 4D Developer Edition 64-bit can now take advantage of this Apple’s new feature in the design environment thanks to the new Window tabbing option available in 4D Preferences. When the new preference is active, Method and Form Editor windows can be combined into a single window with tabs.

New command to initialize an object

The New Object command has been created. This new command allows you to either create an empty object or to create it with initial properties and values in a single line of code.

Export results after a “Find in Design”

The results of a “Find in Design” operation are displayed in a hierarchical list. It is now possible to export the search results to a text file that can be opened later in a spreadsheet for example, allowing you to easily share or store the results. To do so, just select the Export Results new item, available in the “Find in Design” action menu.

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