Code editor: Write more code in less time!

With 4D 18 R4, we announced the availability of the suggested functions for classes (4D and data model). With 4D v18 R6, we’ve got more great news to simplify and facilitate the writing of code in the editor: The prototype of a function and a short description are displayed in the code editor!

Speed up your development process and avoid typos. Now, information about class functions is displayed in the code editor, helping you to write more in less time while making sure that you’re on the right track!

Let’s find out more!


4D for iOS: Turn your iPhone into a barcode scanner

Nowadays, barcodes and QR codes are everywhere. They make things a lot easier because they save time, increase efficiency, and reduce human errors!

As you’ve probably guessed, the 4D v18 R6 feature release will allow you to go directly to the right view by scanning a barcode or QR code. Let’s delve into the details and discover how this feature will improve the way you can navigate through your apps.


List boxes: Manage clicks in edited cells

As a developer, you’re used to handling events inside form objects. The most common is the on clicked form event which can be used in most objects, including list boxes. In this particular object, clicks can be managed either at the list box level itself or within the column methods.

And starting with 4D v18 R6, the on clicked form event is triggered whether a cell is being edited or not, giving you increased control and improving the interface.


Set up the Web Administration component

The WebAdmin internal component has been included in 4D v18 R6. This component is the foundation of many future administration modules. It’s web-based so that you can use it with headless environments. The first published web-based administration module is the Data Explorer, which we’ve explained thoroughly in this blog post.

Let’s see how to set it up.


Move to shareable entity selections smoothly

In this blog post, you discovered the power that shareable entity selections can offer. 4D focuses on data sharing because, in the long run, it leads to performance.

But we’re aware that this strategy might not be your current strategy. We’ve followed the discussions on the forum and understood your comments and feelings.

To soften this step and give you more flexibility and tools, we’ve made some enhancements regarding the nature (shareable or non-shareable) of entity selections.

Before continuing, we highly recommend that you read this blog post and this one so you can make sense of the enhancements described below.


4D View Pro now in 6 languages!

We know how important it is for both you and your customers to have 4D View Pro spreadsheets in your native language. That’s why 4D v18 R5 now provides a set of five supported languages! In addition to English, we’ve added support for French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese!