4D V17 R2 Beta starts today

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17 R2! And without further ado, let’s take a look and discover what 4D v17 R2 BETA has in store for you:


  • The wait is over. Check out this preview version of 4D for iOS and fire up your first mobile project.
  • A new 4D Write Pro toolbar with multiple tabs to organize information and quickly switch between different actions.
  • New options for an enhanced user interface in 4D View Pro.
  • A preemptive SOAP Web Services Server and Client for faster responses to simultaneous requests.

4D v17 is here

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that the wait is over and 4D v17 is now available!

This groundbreaking release can open lots of options for your next 4D-based application. Though by no means exhaustive, here is a list of features to whet your appetite for this release:


Enter a new dimension with 4D v17 and ORDA – Thomas Maul & LR from the 4D Summit 2018

Object Relational Data Access, or simply ORDA, is the biggest feature set we’ve ever had … in more than 30 years. And the biggest announcement of the 4D Summit 2018.

Watch the video of the ORDA announcement during the 4D Summit 2018 Keynote. It features Thomas Maul, VP of Product Strategy, introducing this progressive technology and explaining how using your database as an object can open a whole new world of possibilities for your 4D-based applications.


Take your imagination to the limit with 4D v17 and 4D Write Pro – Caroline from the 4D Summit 2018

As 4D v17 approaches, it’s worth taking a moment to pause and think of all the possibilities 4D Write Pro has to offer. For those who have extensive 4D Write programming skills and are wondering if 4D Write Pro can compare, this blog post will answer this question and more! We’ll even give you a database example of a complex travel brochure to show you what 4D Write Pro is capable of and how it’s surpassed 4D Write in many areas! And if you’re still hesitant about whether or not to take the plunge, watch this 4D Write Pro video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Caroline Briaud, where she presents the capabilities of 4D Write Pro and how far you can go to create complex documents.


SDI mode and list boxes enhancement with 4D v17 – KEISUKE from the 4D Summit 2018

The User Experience is an important step in the design process. However, you don’t often hear about it until something goes wrong! 4D v17 can provide multiple tools to help you design applications that adapt to your users’ needs, starting at the early stages of conception. Thus, delivering an interaction that’s robust and more intuitive. User Experience was a key topic during the 4D Summit 2018. In addition to the List Boxes, another major feature was presented: The SDI mode. The #1 requested feature on Windows.

Watch the UX video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Keisuke Miyako where he presented all the advances of list boxes and the newly added SDI mode.



We are thrilled to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v17! This major release is chock-full of enhancements and new features that one blog post is not enough to cover them! 

With that being said, 4D v17 Beta introduces more than +60 advances including improvements to existing functionalities as well as new ones. And if you’re eager to see 4D v17 Beta in action, check out this extensive library of examples (HDIs) to have an overall idea on this release full potential.

So, let’s take a look and discover some of what 4D v17 Beta has in store for you:


  • ORDA: a revolutionary concept, making it possible to use your database in an object-oriented approach.
  • 4D language: major enhancements to help you boost your productivity with fewer lines of code.
  • 4D Write Pro: to create complex business documents.
  • Security: the highest security level off the shelf for 4D products.
  • 4D View Pro: to display advanced lists and create spreadsheets.
  • 4D commands: More 4D commands to enlarge your programming capabilities.
  • Flexible tools: to help you design an immersive User Experience.

4D V17 is just around the corner

We have some thrilling news to announce and the title may have already given a hint!

Lately, we’ve been working on preparing the release of 4D v17, which will provide new and exciting advances and even more reliable experiences for our customers.


Files, Folders… and now File Handles!

The File and Folder commands, which appeared in 4D v17 R5, enable you to manage folders and files on disk in a modern and efficient way.

When it comes to writing and reading, the setText and getText functions are at your disposal to read or write the entire content. But what to do if you want to read or add one or more lines to an existing document? This can be done more efficiently than ever using the new “file handles” objects in 4D v19 R7.

Keep reading for details!


Create, delete, and rename mailboxes with IMAP

The Mail feature, a huge feature set. The first part was released with 4D v17 R4, and since then we have delivered more and more functionalities.

4D v19 is no exception, as it brings new functions to help you manage your mailboxes by programming. That includes creating, renaming, and deleting mailboxes. A mailbox is displayed as a folder in email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.