4D Summit 2016: Laurent Esnault presents workers and UI in preemptive mode

Our own VP of Engineering, Laurent Esnault, explains exchanging information between multiple processes AND between processes and forms during his Break Out Session: Preemptive Multi-threading at 4D Summit 2016. Thanks to preemptive multi-threading, you can have more parallel processes, and thus add more and more users, for either desktop or web applications.

If you missed Laurent’s session at 4D Summit 2016, watch this 15-min video and enjoy some personal training by the master of preemptive multi-threading!


Finely control your tips in 4D

4D v16 R4 is providing you with more flexibility regarding tips management. Beyond the possibility to enable or disable all tips at once using database parameters, you can now finely control how your tips will be displayed: the delay before showing it and for how long it is shown. And you no longer need to use 4D Pack, everything is included in 4D now!

Product Picture attribute in 4D object

Support of pictures in Objects

From 4D v16 R4, we have added the support of pictures in object attributes. For example, if you use an object to exchange settings or data between methods, forms or processes, now, you can also pass an icon or a picture in this object. You don’t need anymore to temporarily save the picture on disk.

This new type can be used like any other object attribute type: you can use, get and set pictures in objects. You can also use the controls of the picture theme.


4D Write Pro supports tables!

Your wish has finally come true, you can now insert and fill tables by programming in your 4D Write Pro documents. We are not talking about bar tabs mimicking tables here, this is all about “real” tables! Tables where the text will automatically wrap to fit into the column size you defined, that will not “break” when your data changes. 

This feature is the first major improvement exceeding the old 4D Write set of functionalities. You will now be able to generate invoices containing tables, fully by programming and style them exactly as you want with a few line of codes! Another scenario is that you can now provide your users with a button in your application UI that will insert a table with a predefined number of lines and rows, a predefined size for each column then you can let the user edit and style the content by itself.

Product 4D View Pro: cross table

Easily create cross-tables reports with the Quick Report editor

A new step has been reached in 4D v16 R2 with the 64-bit Quick Report editor: the cross-table reports are now available!

As you probably already noticed, the new Quick report for 64-bit versions had been fully redesigned since v15 R3 to provide you and your end-user with a better user experience. After list reports which were available as the very first step, we are now moving forward and delivering cross-table reports.

News 4D Windows 64-bit: Altura free

Altura-free version of 4D Windows 64-bit is on the way

On the way to provide Windows 64-bit version of the 4D product line we reached a major milestone, an Altura-free version. Altura is a library to emulate MacOS functionality on Windows, which was used to help plug-in developers to provide their products on Windows.

Although internally 4D for the most part did not use Altura any longer for a while, it was still deeply integrated to provide the functionality for 3rd party plug-ins.