System Worker— File Transfer Class to use cURL for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP

The first video showed you the power of system workers and the flexibility they bring along.

This sequel will focus on the actual usage by going through a ready-to-use component that simplifies cURL (included in Mac and Windows OS) and enables file transfers with a wide range of protocols or servers. Download or upload files and receive directory listings; everything you need to perform a file transfer.

The component provides a progress bar (for one or more parallel operations), including an optional cancel button, allowing the end-user to abort long-running operations.

The 15-minutes video explains how to use the class:

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ORDA – REST request optimization step by step (+ A demo)

ORDA/REST performance is a strategic matter; that’s why we shipped many features related to this topic, such as the ORDA/REST request optimization in Client/Server and when working with a remote datastore. Lately, we also gave you complete control over the ORDA/REST request optimization.

This blog post gives you the plan to follow in order to ace your ORDA/REST performance game. It includes other blog posts to read, videos to watch, and a demo to play with to increase performance in your applications quickly and easily.