SDI mode and list boxes enhancement with 4D v17-KEISUKE from the 4D Summit 2018

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The User Experience is an important step in the design process. However, you don’t often hear about it until something goes wrong! 4Dv17 can provide multiple tools to help you design applications that adapt to your users’ needs, starting at the early stages of conception. Thus, delivering an interaction that’s robust and more intuitive. User Experience was a key topic during the 4D Summit 2018. In addition to the List Boxes, another major feature was presented: The SDI mode. The #1 requested feature on Windows.

Watch the UX video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Keisuke Miyako where he presented all the advances of list boxes and the newly added SDI mode.


4D Methods editor with dark theme

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Humans have different taste preferences. For instance, some people prefer white over all other colors, while others find black to be more majestic … hence any new color trend tagged as ‘the new black’!

In order to accommodate different preferences, 4D enables you to personalize the method editor theme!

In the 4D preferences dialog, you can set several parameters for the editor such as the color of the background or each type of code element (i.e., commands and comments). 

Thanks to these different options, you can completely customize the method editor to your taste. Whether you’re a fan of light or dark themes, 4D’s got you covered!

Here’s what a dark theme looks like:


Breathe life into your 4D Write Pro documents with pictures

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Unless you’re Stephen King and planning to write the next best seller, you may want to avoid long block of texts. And you can do this by using illustrations and images in your documents! Luckily, working with pictures in 4D Write Pro is evolving with every release, and these graphic-related features allow you to breathe life into your drab black and white text documents. In this blog post, we’ll explain the different types of pictures in 4D Write Pro, their use, and how to take advantage of them to create visually compelling documents!


Times inside objects… (and everywhere else)

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Objects are at it again, continuing to demonstrate their utility to ease your life as a developer.

Using time (or duration) values inside of objects is now smoother and more intuitive. Beginning with 4D v17, times inside objects are set as seconds  – and not milliseconds!