OB New: an easy way to initialize an object

Discover OB New, the new command of 4D to initialize an object. This command allows you to either create an empty object or create it with some initial properties and values. OB SET is now becoming unnecessary in several situations, OB New is enough.

OB New also allows to re-initialize an temporary object in a loop or simply directly pass an object as a parameter to a 4D command requesting an object as parameter, as Get database measures or GRAPH commands for instance.

This new command changes your way to write 4D code in many situations. OB New creates an object and returns a reference to it. It allows more flexibility in your code. This command is the first of a series of new features related to  objects … Stay tuned !

Example 1

This first example shows you how you can just create an empty object. In the previous 4D versions, the only way to do this was to use JSON Parse(“{}”), which is not obvious. In fact the C_OBJECT command declares an object variable that doesn’t contain any object and the object is actually created only at the first OB SET call as well as some properties are defined. From v16 R3 no more need to use JSON Parse, there is a single command to initialize your objects: OB New! Easy and intuitive!

// Previous versions
$obj:=JSON Parse("{}")

Since 4D v16 R3 you can just use OB New :

// From 4D v16 R3
$obj:=OB New

Example 2

You can also directly use OB New inside a 4D command without creating an object before as shown below.

// Previous versions
OB SET($oParams;"path";"DB.cacheReadBytes")
OB SET($oParams;"withHistory";True)
OB SET($oParams;"historyLength";2*60)
$measures:=Get database measures($oParams)

Since 4D v16 R3 you can write this code using OB New :

// From 4D v16 R3
$measures:=Get database measures(OB New("path";"DB.cacheReadBytes"; "withHistory";True;"historyLength";120))

You can find more code examples in the following example database:

Example Database

For more details, you can also refer to the documentation. Just take a look at the article dedicated to the OB New command in the 4D v16 R3 language manual.

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