October 2016


Use Unicode for texts in forms

In 4D v16 the texts for all the form objects (static texts, buttons, check boxes, etc…) will be stored in Unicode, allowing you to use characters from different languages directly in the form editor.

Especially for Asian or Eastern European languages this will ease the development process.


New “On mouse up” event for picture object

In 4D v16, you now have a new “On Mouse Up” event for non-draggable picture object!

This feature will provide you with an easy and notice way to draw and/or move SVG objects easily, removing the need for tricks as “SET TIMER(1)” to detect that the mouse button has been released.


XML commands are now thread safe

Want to enhance your database scalability and use all the performance available with your multi-core machines?

With 4D v16, we have extended the list of thread-safe commands in order to use preemptive processes with your code handling XML.